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The essential condition of successful communication is well-profiled database.

When You contact strictly selected receivers, You increase the effectiveness of the activities pursued. Consequently, the possibility of using an updated database with well-described homesteads has tremendous importance.

Apart from the first and second name of the homestead owner, we offer the information as follows:

  1. type of farming: type of breeding / cultivation
  2. scale of farming: size of breeding / cultivation acreage
  3. geographical data: voivodship, township, postcodes range
  4. investment planned declared by the owners of the largest homesteads


BIGR base
of individual homesteads.

The best described, one of the biggest bases of Polish farmers’ data. The base contains the information about 1,3 million homesteads including address data. Owing to the fact, the information about Your offer will reach almost every homestead in Poland. If a particular offer is addressed to a selected group of receivers, we can differentiate the very group making use of criteria selection available, which include:

  • Size of a holding,
  • type of farming (cultivation, production),
  • scale of operation (size of breeding / cultivation acreage),
  • geographical data: voivodship, township, etc.

The available collection of phone numbers has about 500 thousand ones, which enables to contact directly decision-makers in a particular homestead. During our talks with farmers from a selected base we will pass the relevant information on your offer to the farmers and also gather feedback information strategically important for your firm.

Foreign bases

Through our co-operation with our partner called AgriDirect, we are able to facilitate Your communication with farmers running farming business abroad. Your offer can reach farming producers in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Great Britain and France.

Above bases contains information as follows:

  1. first and second name, address
  2. size and type of breeding or cultivation
  3. investment plans concerning the machinery and construction

Potential of available bases:

  • The Netherlands: 55,500 addresses
  • Belgium: 37,000 addresses
  • Germany: 130,000 addresses
  • Great Britain: 47,000 addresses
  • France: 270,000 addresses

of individual homesteads

The unique base on the market, which contains the data on the largest 50 Ha or over 50 Ha holdings. (around 25 thousand largest holdings)

The result of the POLSCANNER implementation project.
The base enables to reach the farmers making use of modern technology and being open to the offers concerning new solutions and products.

The POLSCANNER database will provide You not only with the contact data on decision-makers in homesteads but also detailed information on the currently run farming business, (cultivation, breeding), including the machinery and devices in use. The strongest advantage of the base, however, is the data, which make it possible for You to get familiar with the farmers’ development and investment plans.

When You know what equipment particular farmers use and their requirements concerning the purchase of machinery, what production or plant protection means are used, You have an opportunity to prepare an individually tailored offer dedicated and addressed to meticulously selected group of receivers.

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