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Effective communication

Research results - armers highly evaluate the combination of several contact channels.

36%postal mailing and telemarketing

22%information sent through snail mail

13%a leaflet attached to a newspaper and the telephone contact

8%a leaflet attached to a newspaper

8%a message sent to an e-mail address

9%the telephone contact

The research performed in 2015 with the target group of 850 farmers.



Sending information to our databases' e-mail address, You can support our telemarketing operations. After ending a conversation, our agents can send all interested people the message containing a broader discussed offer with photos attached to it.

The farmers’ permission for communication through e-mail is unsellable and therefore campaigns can be implemented by the base administrator.
After finishing our activities, we will provide You with the relevant feedback information in the report form.

Apart from access to the contact data about farmers operating in the area of our country, we can also make it possible for You to reach farmers operating in the following European countries:

  • The Netherlands: over 22,000 e-mail addresses
  • Germany: over 25,000 e-mail addresses
  • Belgium: over 4,700 e-mail addresses

Postal mailing

Your aim is to enhance the awareness of your brand, draw the potential customer’s attention to a particular product / service? A good way to provide such information to your target group of receivers is postal mailing.

The main advantages of postal mailing are as follows:

  • personal nature of a message - personalization, emphasizing membership in a selected group of receivers
  • message accuracy – possibility of placing plenty of information provided with photos, graphics, which makes it easier to arouse the customer’s interest in a product / service

We have over 1.3 million addresses, which we are able to select on the bases of
Your, ladies and gentlemen’s criteria
such as the size and type of a holding and geographical parameters including voivodship, township, community and the range of postcodes.

Very good effects are gained through the combination of two communication channels: postal mailing and a telephone conversation. During a telephone conversation we enhance a message, pay attention to the most important points of a particular offer, answer questions. For the sake of our customer, we also get feedback information on how their offer was responded to and what the level of interest in its usage was like. Within the frame of our services and owing to the fact that we co-operate with our partners, we provide You, ladies and gentlemen with the following:

  • up-to-date database of homesteads
  • publicity material on production (on the bases of patterns provided)
  • collection of inserts and preparation of packaging
  • post mailing


A telephone conversation with farmers is the best way to get feedback information about the offer presented to them, how a particular firm is viewed or to get our customers acquainted with the farmers’ needs. More and more firms are consciously using this form of communication. Our team of agents holds talks with the owners of homesteads every day.

We provide the following services to Your order:

  • informational campaigns – we reach strictly selected homesteads with the information on new products, promotions, conferences and also send invitations for open days and fairs. Your message will reach many receivers in a short period of time.
  • follow up – after the implementation of postal mailing, we reach farmers in order to find out whether the message was understandable, or whether they have questions and what they think about a particular offer presented. Having feedback information, You can plan your further actions in a well-aimed way.
  • We generate leads – we find out what the response to an offer presented is like and create database of people interested in the communication with Your company representatives. Your sales representatives will save their time and keep high motivation because they will contact people interested in a particular offer.
  • We update Your databases – working with Your databases, we verify their correctness and complete them with supplement data. Working with updated databases You increase the effectiveness of your actions.

Cati Research

With regard to low-cost and the speed of gathering relevant information, CATI research is viewed as the most popular form of quantity market research. The tremendous advantage here is the possibility of effective supervising the whole course of the research implementation. We use the IT system which allows to record all answers in a real time and this way also eliminates the possibility of making errors.

Tasks most often performed within the CATI research include:

  • brand awareness and image research
  • research oriented on risk assessment concerning launching a new product / service in the market
  • market segmentation research
  • research of factors affecting clients’ decisions and behaviour
  • clients / business partners satisfaction and loyalty research
  • Mystery Caller quality research

We implement the SCANNER research. The result of the research is profiled databases, where we have supplement information on homesteads. The example of this type of base is POLSCANNER, where the owners of the largest homesteads in Poland answered our questions concerning their investment plans.

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